Important Notice:

Dear Valued Customers:

With great pleasure, I would like to inform you that Pellow Engineering Publications which currently sells all of Bob’s Rigging and Crane Handbooks/reference cards will be sold and under the new name Bob’s Industrial Publications as of 07/01/18.

Bob’s Industrial Publications,

28175 Haggerty Road, Novi, MI 48377


Telephone: (248)994-4006 or toll-free (877)473-5569 Fax: (248)994-4008

During the transition our store will stay open on  concurrently with the new store on Bob’s Industrial Publications.  After 7/31 – the store on  will close and all online purchases should be made at the new site.

As you will note, the toll-free telephone number will remain the same as well as the same quality of service and delivery. Through their website, the new company will continue with ordering online, FAX, e-mail or phone and remain intact along with accepting Pay Pal payments and credit cards. I, Don Pellow, will continue to be a consultant to this new company to assist in answering technical and engineering inquiries, updating new handbooks and card revisions and in supporting Bob’s Industrial Publications.

In closing, I wish to restate gratitude from Pellow Engineering Publications and reiterate our confidence in Bob’s Industrial Publications to provide you with the quality standards that you previously received.


Donald L. Pellow

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