Bob’s Crane Reference Cards – Safety Rules – Spanish


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Crane Safety Rules Cards in Spanish

  • Calculate Weights of Load to be lifted
  • Determine Center of Gravity
  • Proper Crane Setup
  • Conduct Pre-Operation Inspection
  • Be Aware of Crane Capacity – Structural & Tip-Over Limitations
  • Evaluate Rigging & Attachment of Slings & Rigging Hardware
  • Safe Crane Operations
  • Insist on Proper Signaling from a Designated Signal Person
  • Final Check on All Listed Procedures Prior to Operating the Crane

Bob’s Crane Reference Cards For Sale – Safety Rules – Spanish

Reglas De Seguridad Para Operaciones De Grúas. Seguridad De Grúa. Tarjetas de Seguridad de Grúa.

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